It’s a bird!  It’s a plane! No!  It’s superman!

For the second post on the blog, I’d like to discuss superman. Perhaps the most well-known superhero around.  Superman probably has the most powerful, the most useful and the most wide-ranging powers among any superhero around.

The base of Superman’s powers come from his ability to absorb the Sun’s light, convert it into energy and use that energy to fuel his immense powers.  Superman can store that energy as well.  Essentially, Superman is a moving solar panel/battery combination.

He is able to quickly heal injuries and is immune to diseases, illness and toxins.  Superman is also resistant to high degrees of force and high temperatures.  He even experienced a star going supernova without injury.

Superman also has a much slower aging process and stopped aging when he went into a star.  In one story line he lived to over 1,000 years into the future and in another story line he lived to over 83,000 years into the future.

Superman is able to shoot solar energy beams from his eyes.  This resembles red or orange laser beams.  These beams can reach hundreds of miles away and can be widened to be hundreds of miles wide.  Superman is also able to control the intensity of the beams.  He has an expert degree of accuracy in using this beam and can even use the beam at microscopic levels.  The solar beams have been able to cut through steel and rock.  Superman can even make the beams invisible so they can be used when he is acting as Clark Kent.  Superman can even destroy planets (Death Star style) with the energy beams.  Finally, Superman can has a power called super flare where he emits all of his stored solar energy at once in a super beam. Afterward, Superman has no solar energy stored and is essentially human until he can store solar energy.

Superman is able to fly and can even travel interstellar distances.  He can move and fly faster than the human eye can perceive and has been described faster than a speeding bullet.  He has been known to fly faster than the speed of light.  His thoughts and perceptions also exist at these super high levels.

One his most famous power is superhuman strength and he has been described to be more powerful than a locomotive.  His strength far surpasses any human and even most super-humans.  He can easily move planets with his bare hands.  In direct sunlight, his strength can achieve near limitless levels.  He once held back a black hole, one of the strongest forces in the universe.  In addition, Superman’s stamina can also achieve near limitless levels while in direct sunlight.

Superman has a perfect, eidetic memory.  He can speak multiple languages and is able to learn any language he hears or sees.  His IQ is genius level.  In direct sunlight, his intelligence operates faster than supercomputers.  His intelligence is a strong weapon against his enemies.

Superman has super senses: x-ray vision (he can see through objects), superhuman hearing (he can hear things further than any human and at frequencies only dogs can hear) and superhuman vision (he can see further and in much greater detail than any human).